Bilal Talib

CEO California Realtor


Vice Chairman Bahria Town Dealers Association

BILAL TALIB CEO & Founder California Real Estate & Builders – Entrepreneur – Philanthropist – Capitalist –  Businessman – Investors is widely known for their expertise in Bahria Town Karachi, in such type of situations we want to assure you that our team has always prioritized the needs of our clients to ensure that the Buying and Selling process becomes simpler for them by showing them transparency.

We as a team have launched several projects all around Bahria Town Karachi, to ensure that the modern technologies are valued, and given the importance, we have launched Tech Mall, health problems must be addressed on time and for that having the right doctors around you must be your priority which is why Doctor Plaza was launched by us, these are just two examples of the dozens of projects that are launched or are under the process of launching in Bahria Town Karachi.

Being one of the only Builders to deliver a project that is residential plus commercial is something that has made us a name of trust in the market, and we want to make sure that these honest practices can bring together a community of like-minded individuals to ensure that a healthy environment is created. 

Small Message by The CEO of California Real Estate & Builders. 

I have always wanted to make sure that something different is done in this market and my past was filled with the struggle of guaranteeing change in the Real Estate market. California Real Estate & Builders is here because of the struggle of every individual in our team and we want to assure you that this is just the start of a much better and enlightening journey for us and our clients.

California Real Estate & Builders always tries to bring realtors together so that the new people that are getting added to this field have a proper understanding of this market. Launching SMQ Realtors Training and Development Institute of Pakistan was necessary to ensure the growth of real estate learning.

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